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A Community Called. We Answered.

612 M*A*S*H arose to meet the medical needs of those injured, or in need of basic medical care during the Uprising in Minneapolis after the public lynching of George "Perry" Floyd. We began as a collective of community members who showed up with a select set of healthcare skills. Those who needed medical attention, but were unable to be treated due to the two local hospitals diverting patients at the time, sought services from 612 M*A*S*H. For a year, we operated as a bus or a tent in the middle of the street. Nearly 30 lives were saved on those streets.  As the days went on, it became apparent that the need for free, culturally competent medical services was essential for the community. 

Established at the George Floyd Memorial, aka George Floyd Square (GFS), 612 M*A*S*H is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides free medical care for community members and visitors who face limited access to quality health care resources. We are licensed and insured health providers opening a community clinic.

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